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Becoming a driving instructor can be a fantastic career move that allows you to be totally in control of your schedule, your earnings and the people you work with. With the level of flexibility and the earning potential it's no wonder that so many people are deciding to give it a go, but don't get carried away - it's important to think about any driving instructor insurance implications before you take the plunge.

Why do you need specialist driving instructor insurance?

A driving instructor is going to have markedly different needs to other road users, not least for the fact that they've got a different type of car. A dual-control car is always going to have different insurance implications, and the fact that you've got paying clients on board is yet another reason to be fully covered.

By having the necessary level of driving instructor insurance, you can be confident that you're totally prepared for anything that could happen. You're on the road for a higher percentage of time than other road users, and when you consider the fact that you're teaching novice drivers it's vital that you've got adequate insurance in place.

What does driving instructor insurance include?

As with any type of insurance there are plenty of different options available, but as you're running a business you'll probably want to go for the most comprehensive level of cover that you can afford. By having fully-comp driving school insurance you can be confident that you're totally prepared for any eventuality, and it would be worth looking into additional levels of cover to give you added peace of mind. Things like liability cover and replacement vehicle cover should always be considered, ensuring you've got the protection that you need.

But, every driving school insurance policy is going to be different, and it often depends on your specific requirements. If you're looking for driving school insurance for a fleet (perhaps you own a school with several different instructors) then your needs will obviously vary accordingly, and likewise if you want PDI insurance or ADI insurance you'll want slightly different options. This means it's important to thoroughly see what each driving school insurance policy can offer to ensure you've got the level of protection that you need, and never underestimate the importance of additional cover.

Get the driving instructor insurance that you need

No matter what type of driving school insurance you're looking for, whether it's PDI insurance, ADI insurance or anything else, it's essential that your policy totally meets your needs. This means you should be looking for a company that can tailor their quotes according to your individual requirements with both ADI insurance and PDI insurance being available, and they should have a fantastic range of policy benefits to keep you happy. If you're looking for driving instructor insurance that can give you just what you're looking for, you need to come to us today.

Master Cover - giving you quality car insurance for driving instructors

Here at Master Cover we know how important driving instructor insurance can be, and that's why we're proud to offer fully comprehensive ADI and PDI insurance policies that meet the needs of our customers. Our driving instructor insurance is the leading policy on the market today and, with more than 9,000 instructors getting their PDI insurance or ADI insurance through us, you can be sure it's a policy you can trust.

We've developed our driving school insurance (both ADI insurance and PDI insurance) to offer a supreme level of protection that's tailored to the needs of driving instructors, ensuring that every possible requirement has been catered to. We can offer additional liability cover depending on your needs and with both PDI insurance and ADI insurance you can be confident that you've got the cover that's right for you, and thanks to legal protection and personal accident cover you never need worry about any accidents occurring.

We're able to offer fantastic discounts on our PDI and ADI insurance policies including generous no claims bonuses, and with domestic cover also being arranged you can be confident that you're fully insured both when you're teaching and when you're driving for pleasure. And, because we believe that driving instructors are better drivers than the general public, we'll even beat your private car insurance quote by 10%. What could be better than that?

So, for driving school insurance that's tailored to your needs, we should be your first and only port of call. We offer fully comprehensive cover to meet the needs of driving instructors, and with both PDI insurance and ADI insurance being available you can be confident that you've got the protection that you're looking for. Come to us today, and you'll have the perfect driving school insurance so you can get on with your job in confidence.

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