Instructors using mobiles whilst teaching

Did you know that if you are a driving instructor giving a lesson you are considered as being in charge of the vehicle, and therefore using a hand-held mobile device whilst the engine is running is illegal?

This also includes when your car is stationary such as waiting in a queue of traffic, at level crossings or at traffic lights.

If you are using a hand-held mobile device whilst teaching and are caught doing so by the police, you will incur a fixed penalty fine of £100 and 3 penalty points will be added to your driving licence. This is due to be increased to a £200 fine and 6 penalty points.

Most insurers load premiums significantly for driving tuition insurance for anyone with a CU80 conviction and some are even refusing to insure driving instructors with a CU80 conviction. This is because most insurers see using a hand held mobile device phone behind the wheel as a conscious choice by the driver.

Additionally, most insurers take the view that people who use their phone behind the wheel are likely to do so on a regular basis which makes them a greater risk of having an accident in the future.

The regulations apply to anyone supervising a learner driver. Driving instructors, professional or otherwise, cannot use a hand-held mobile device whilst teaching.

In addition, it also sets a bad example to your pupils who may then think it is acceptable to use mobile devices whilst driving.

The regulations do not cover hands-free equipment, provided that the phone can be used without actually holding it.

Don’t get caught out, make sure your mobile device is switched off whilst you are giving lessons.

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