This Mayday bank holiday weekend will be the first weekend where the new speeding fines are in force and many people are likely to get caught out with the new fines.

Strict new rules came into force on the 24th April which could see those caught speeding receive fines totalling up to 150% of their weekly income.

If you’re recorded doing 56 (mph) in a 40 (mph) zone you could receive a fine of up to 100% of your income plus 6 points or even a 28 day disqualification.

New Speeding Fines

Speed limit (mph)

Recorded speed (mph)

2021 – 3031 – 4041 and above
3031 – 4041 – 5051 and above
4041 – 5556 – 6566 and above
5051 – 6566 – 7576 and above
6061 – 8081 – 9091 and above
7070 – 9091 – 100101 and above
Sentencing rangeBand A fine 50% of weekly incomeBand B fine 100% of weekly incomeBand C Fine 150% of weekly income
Points or


3 Points


4 – 6 Points Or

Disqualification of 7 -28 days

6 Points Or

Disqualification of 7 -56 days

Sentencing guidelines are set out in the table above. Magistrates can decide what punishment is dealt out based on ‘aggravating factors’ including previous convictions and weather conditions.

Receiving a ban on your driving licence could have serious implications. When you try and renew your insurance policy you could find it more difficult to get insurance. And, if you are a young or new driver you could find that you have to pay much more for cover.

The implications for driving instructors receiving a ban on their licence is even more severe as they may find that they cannot get driving instructor insurance at all and cannot work.

Read full details from the Sentencing Council: