Travel Insurance – Are you Covered?

The summer has arrived and many of you will be thinking about your summer holidays and relaxing on a beach or maybe something a bit more adventurous.

What you won’t be thinking about is all the things that can go wrong. But, unfortunately things do go wrong, especially when traveling abroad.

According to the Money Advice Service the average cost of hospital treatment whilst abroad is £2040.00. So can you afford not to take out cover?

If you’re traveling within Europe and have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), then you will be covered for treatment or reduced cost treatment. However, you would not be covered for things like missed flights, lost luggage or repatriation back to the U.K.

If you’re traveling further afield, it’s even more important that you have travel insurance in place as you would have no cover without it and medical costs in the U.S can be astronomical.

Taking out the right travel insurance can give you peace of mind. Knowing that you are fully covered if things go wrong you are fully covered.

Typical travel insurance cover:

27/7 Helpline

Cancellation and Curtailment      up to £7500

Medical Expenses                          up to £15,000,000

Personal accident                          up to £50,000

Luggage and personal items        up to £5,000

Help if you lose your passport

Delayed departure

Missed departure

You buy your travel insurance on-line in a matter of minutes.  The Mastercover travel insurance policy is underwritten by AXA Insurance, a name you can trust.

You can chose the level of cover that most suits your needs and cover can be purchased for a single trip or annual multi trip.

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