Changes to the DVSA part 3 test

The new DVSA part 3 ADI training and test has arrived and our DVSA  part 3 test insurance has evolved to ensure you will be fully covered.

The ADI part 3 test has changed to become a much more realistic assessment of a trainee instructor’s ability to teach a pupil.

In the old ADI part 3 test, trainee instructors provide training to a driving examiner role-playing the part of a pupil.

From the 23rd December 2017 the trainee instructor will have to give a driving lesson to a real pupil while an examiner assesses their ability to tailor the training to that pupil’s learning goals and needs.

This means that you will now need an insurance policy which covers you to teach an unnamed pupil. If you do not have a driving tuition insurance policy you will need a temporary insurance to cover you and your pupil for the test.

Our revised part 3 test insurance now covers for the following:-

(a) Use by the policyholder for social domestic and pleasure purposes

(b) Use for travel to and from and in connection with the Driving Standards Agency Part 2 & 3 Driving Instructor Test.

(c) Use by a provisional or full licence holder (aged 17 and over) during the course of the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency Part 2 & 3 Driving Instructor Test

Many trainee instructors already have an insurance policy covering them for driving tuition which should also cover them to take the part 3 test. However, many trainee instructors do not yet have a driving tuition insurance policy and will require cover for the test as a standard private car policy will not provide the appropriate cover.

You can purchase our 1 day Part 3 test cover online here in just a few minutes and documents are automatically e-mailed to you instantly.

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