Personal Accident
& Illness Insurance

Protect your income with comprehensive personal accident and
illness insurance from Mastercover.

Keep things running when disaster strikes

As a self-employed driving instructor you do not earn an income if you cannot give lessons, so it’s of crucial importance that you protect your income if you cannot work due to an accident or illness. Mastercover have worked to come up with a cost-effective solution to keep you protected in case of the worst with our low-cost personal accident and illness cover plan.

Our unique personal accident and illness cover brings you a range of valuable benefits, such as low interest and easy payments, helping you to keep financial stress and worries off your mind. With only a 7-day exclusion period for driving instructors, our personal accident and illness insurance will give you true peace of mind.

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Things to consider

  • Waiting period: our policy only excludes the first seven days of illness; this is important as you will want to replace your income as soon as possible.
  • Benefit period: this is the period of time that you will continue to receive benefits whilst away from work. Most policies have a maximum 2 year benefit period.
  • Sum Insured: the sum insured is typically up to 75% of your monthly income (before tax), and it indicates the amount that you are covered for each month.