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Mastercover ADI insurance
for Driving Instructors

Mastercover is fully committed to providing all of our clients across the UK with insurance policies that work for them. We work closely with driving schools and driving instructors throughout the UK, providing insurance policies and cover to 1,000s of driving instructors, helping them to get on with their day-to-day job without worrying about the worst case scenario. We’ll search the market and a range of insurers to help you to find a policy that covers you in case of damage to your car, theft or other misfortune.

Why choose Mastercover
for ADI Insurance?

  • Nil fire and theft excess
  • Uninsured driver guarantee
  • Legal protection and recovery of uninsured losses
  • Vehicle supplied and delivered following accidents, as well as any incidences of fire or theft (UK mainland only)
  • Up to 70% introductory no claims bonus
  • Guaranteed no claims bonus available
  • Liability cover whilst giving instruction in your vehicle
  • Additional liability cover whilst teaching in pupil’s car
  • Off-road driving tuition cover for underage drivers (aged 14+)
  • Social, domestic and pleasure use for drivers aged over 25
  • Free green cards
  • Commission earning facility for all driving instructors
  • Show-me-tell-me cover
  • Banned driver testing, police speed awareness, National Driver Improvement Scheme
  • Up to  £10,000 personal accident cover for you and your spouse

*Cover varies depending on policy chosen