Breakdown Cover for Private Motorists

Mastercover understands that when disaster strikes and your car breaks down, you need a company that’s on your side to provide assistance quickly and effectively. We provide three different levels of breakdown cover for private motorists, giving you access to a nationwide network of more than 650 recovery operators.

Breakdown Cover from Call Assist

We are proud to have teamed up with Call Assist to create the Mastercover Rescue policy. Users of our policy can enjoy 3 levels of cover to suit their needs, as well as access to Call Assist’s nationwide network of 650 recovery operators. Our success in the breakdown recovery field is proven, as we attend to more than 25,000 breakdowns every year across the UK.







Roadside assistanceXXX
Local recoveryXXX
Caravan/trailer recoveryXXX
Alternative transportXXX
Overnight accommodationXXX
Message serviceXXX
Key assistXXX
Nationwide recoveryXXX
Home assistXX
European assistanceX
European toll recovery reimbursement X

Level One - Blue

Blue is the most basic level of our Rescue policy for breakdown recovery, providing 24-hour cover 365 days a year and roadside repairs when you’re more than one mile away from your home address.Blue also covers you for roadside recovery wherever possible, taking the driver and up to 5 passengers to a garage, home address or starting address anywhere in the UK and Northern Ireland. Where the situation is more complicated and getting you home is not an option, we’ll organise alternative transport or overnight accommodation

For caravans and trailers up to 23ft and fitted with a standard towbar, Blue also covers you for message assist and home assist.

Level Two - Indigo

As the intermediate level of cover in our Rescue policy, Indigo allows you all of the benefits of our Blue policy (breakdown recovery, year-round assistance, roadside repairs, overnight accommodation) as well as home assist. With Indigo you are also covered if your vehicle breaks down at your home address, allowing you to get help quickly and easily.

Level Three - Violet

The most comprehensive policy offered in our Rescue policy, Violet includes all of the benefits outlined above, as well as home assist and vehicle cover across Europe. This means that you can call for assistance when your vehicle breaks down at your home address, and you can take your vehicle on your travels without worrying about breaking down or being stranded abroad.