Buildings & Contents Insurance

Protecting your belongings against the elements or theft is a natural extension of your building and home insurance. Mastercover will work to find the most complementary deal for you.

What is contents insurance?

Whilst building insurance applies to the protection of the building’s physical structure, contents insurance covers all home contents and personal belongings against loss or damage, be it through loss, fire, theft or natural disaster. 

Typically the ‘contents’ of your home include the items which you would take when you move home, such as furniture, clothes, electrical goods, money, jewellery and soft furnishings like carpets and curtains.

Usually there are limits on the amount that insurers will pay out for high value items such as jewellery, art and high-tech electronics; if you have lots of these items in your home do make sure that they are specified on your policy.

Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance applies to the main structure of your home, protecting it against subsidence, fire damage and extreme weather. Buildings insurance is not compulsory, but it is something that every homeowner should consider. Buildings Insurance covers the cost of rebuilding or repair. As well as the external structure, buildings insurance extends to permanent fixtures – sinks, worktops, baths, wardrobes – and outbuildings.

What type of contents insurance do I need?

There are many different types of contents insurance. The standard policy will cover your contents whilst in the home and will generally replace all items on a like-for-like basis or will pay you the full replacement value.

You can add accidental damage cover in the home to your policy that covers you if you accidentally break or spill something. You can also add personal possessions cover, which will cover items outside your home and whilst you are travelling. 

Accidental Damage

Protects you against accidentally knocking over or breaking certain items.


Covers items that you often take out with you, such as your phone, cameras, jewellery and clothes.

Home emergency

Pays for emergency callouts.


Covers you and any member in your household for £50,000 worth of legal costs.