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Protect your car against theft, damage and breakdowns with Mastercover. We’ll search 100s of top vehicle insurance providers to find you the best deal on your insurance.

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Mastercover has been providing leading vehicle insurance policies to motorists across the UK for over 40 years. With an experienced team on hand, we’ll search more than 100 of the nation’s leading insurers, comparing quotes to find a policy that suits you and your driving habits. You can even tailor your policy further, choosing from a wide range of potential add ons to provide you with any additional cover you need at a competitive price.

Why choose Mastercover?

Since its establishment in 1973, Mastercover has been the insurance provider of choice for 1,000s of motorists up and down the nation. We work to make your motoring life even easier with our wide range of car and vehicle insurance products.

  • More than 40 years of experience and a solid reputation as one of the UK’s leading policy providers
  • We’ll search more than 20 of the UK’s top insurers, comparing 100s of policies to guarantee you the best possible value for money
  • Discounts available for limited mileage, restricted driving, voluntary excess
  • Comprehensive insurance policies available for any type of vehicle, including bike, van and campervan
  • Temporary vehicle insurance policies are available for short-term cover
  • Special discounts for driving instructors, examiners and rehabilitated drink drivers

Hints & Tips

  • Limited Mileage: Make sure you know how many miles you drive each year.
  • Named Drivers: Only cover the drivers you need to.
  • Go Low: Make sure that the car you are buying is in a low insurance group.
  • Black Box: This is a must for young and new drivers; it can reduce the cost of your policy by more than 60%.

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