Courier Insurance

Life on the road means that it may work out cheaper for you to purchase a comprehensive courier insurance policy that protects you against all eventualities.

Find the best deals on Courier Insurance

Couriers are often viewed as a high-risk category by insurers, due to the fact that they spend so many hours on the road making frequent stops and drop-offs. With high value items often stored in the back, courier vans are often targeted by thieves, whilst time pressures make couriers likely to speed on the road. All of these considerations mean that premiums for courier insurance are often higher than standard van insurance policies, making it even more important for you to shop around before committing to a policy.  Remember that cheaper doesn’t always mean better; you need to be especially sure that the policy you choose covers every single one of your needs.

What type of Courier Insurance is right for me?

As with most types of insurance, there are varying levels of cover available for courier insurance, as well as optional extras which may cost more but will extend your protection to all contents of your vehicle. At Mastercover we know that every courier is different, so we work with a range of insurers to make sure that we can satisfy your needs. To find the right courier insurance policy, we recommend taking the time to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you want to insure the items inside the van?
  • Do you want to take out employer’s liability insurance?
  • Do you need van breakdown cover?

There are a range of optional add-ons to any courier insurance policy, such as protection against vandalism, a replacement van if yours is taken out of action, European cover and no claims protection. Never presume that these things are included as standard.