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Finding the right driving school insurance policy can be a difficult and complicated process. Often you’ll need to contact all companies that offer ADI Insurance, PDI Insurance and dual control car insurance separately for a quote. You’ll then need to do the time-consuming job of comparing quotes and the relative benefits of every one. This process can leave you drained; many driving schools settle for a policy that isn’t 100% perfect, just because they’ve spent so long looking.

Mastercover is here to take the hard work out of sourcing driving school insurance. We’ll contact leading insurers on your behalf for a quote, before presenting you with the results. Our experienced team will then walk you through your options, allowing you to make an educated decision.

Why Mastercover?

Mastercover has been in the business of sourcing driving school insurance policies since 1973. Over the last 43 years we have worked with hundreds of driving schools across the country to source tailor-made policies that suit. We have a dedicated and experienced team who specialise in advising on driving instructor and driving school insurance, so you’re definitely in good hands.