Excess Protection

Protect yourself against unexpected and costly excess fees with Excess Protection insurance.

Recover your insurance excess if you make a claim

Excess Protection insurance allows you to claim back your excess on any one insurance claim made during the 12-month period of your car insurance policy. Situations where excess protection insurance can be used include in cases of accidental damage, malicious damage, theft or attempted theft and fire.

You can also claim your excess back on a claim where you’re at fault, or where the other party’s identity cannot be confirmed.

What claims are not covered by Excess Protection?

In cases where the total cost of the claim is less than the excess payable on your car insurance policy, you will not be able to claim on your Excess Protection policy. Excess Protection also does not apply retrospectively, so you will not be able to claim on any incidents that occur before the specified start date of your policy.

You also cannot claim on your Excess Protection for any incidents related to glass (windscreen, sunroof, windows), your personal belongings or any audiovisual equipment in the car.

Why take out Excess Protection Insurance?

The benefits of Excess Protection cover are plentiful. For one, it covers your full policy excess – so that’s voluntary and compulsory excesses combined.  Having a comprehensive Excess Protection policy in place will reduce the stress and hassle at a difficult time, guaranteeing you against financial loss if your car or vehicle is damaged by a fault accident, or if you are hit by an unidentified driver.