Fleet Insurance

When getting from A to B is your business, you need an insurance policy to cover you against it all. Mastercover is on hand to compare quotes from some of the UK’s leading fleet insurance providers.

Fleet Insurance for any sized business

Whether your fleet consists of one or one hundred vehicles, we know that you need to be sure that you are covered against every eventuality. Taking out a fleet insurance policy will mean that you can keep things running when a vehicle breaks down or is damaged, whilst also helping you to streamline fleet management with a single, cover-all policy.

Mastercover can compare fleet insurance policies for any sized fleet made up of any type of vehicle, including tippers, haulages and trucks. We’ll take the time to consider your drivers, mileage, history and vehicle type to find the perfect policy for your needs.

Useful Information

In order to help our expert team find fleet insurance that works for you as quickly and easily as possible, it would be helpful if you took the time to consider what exactly what you want. A good place to start is thinking about how big your fleet is, how far your vehicles drive on a regular basis, their service history and their individual value.