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Holiday Home Insurance

Protecting your little piece of heaven come rain or shine.

  • Cover for holiday homes in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Southern Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria
  • Insurance for a variety of property types including chalets, cottages, apartments, lodges and villas
  • Use your holiday home yourself, with friends and family, or rent it out

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What does holiday home insurance cover?

Emergency travel expenses to your holiday home

In the event you need to be at your property in an emergency, we will pay up to £300 in travel expenses for you and a family member to travel to the property as well as £400 towards alternative accommodation, so you don't have to worry about getting there and having somewhere to stay.

Accidental damage

Accidents happen so we can cover accidental damage to your building and contents. In addition, for those of you who rent your property out, we cover accidental damage to contents while the property is let. For this cover to apply you must have evidence of a signed rental agreement for the period of the guest's stay in the event of a claim.

Cover for a range of holiday property types

Holiday home insurance with Towergate can cover your apartment, cottage, villa, static caravan or chalet in a variety of places across the UK and Europe. We can also cover static caravans in Spain, Portugal, France and the Republic of Ireland. If you have a UK based static caravan we recommend speaking to our leisure home team. For more information on this visit our static caravan page.

Holiday home insurance when living abroad

Our holiday home insurance doesn't just extend to holidaymakers or landlords of properties abroad. If you are living abroad, we can help you arrange cover for your property. Our expert team have a good understanding of the types of properties and will be able to answer any questions which you may have.

Holiday Home Insurance Claims

There is a 24-hour claims helpline available so you can report your claim as soon as it happens.

Once you’ve reported a claim, the team will aim to call you back within 24 hours* to take you through the next steps.

*Please note that if you report your claim over a weekend, the team will aim to call you back during the next working day.

Photographs of any damage will help us to move your claim along more quickly so please take a few photos if you can.

Need to make a claim?

Call the team between 8.30am and 5.30pm on: 0345 074 4760

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As holiday homes are regularly left unoccupied, they can be more susceptible to flooding / escape of water, break-ins and damage from the elements. However there are ways you can reduce these risks and make sure every time you come back to your holiday home, it’s in the same state you left it in.

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Holiday Home Insurance FAQs

What happens if I cannot visit my holiday home during the Covid-19 pandemic?

We understand that due to the Covid-19 outbreak you may be unable to visit your property. Read our FAQs for this situation.

What makes my property a holiday home?

The main criteria which make a property a holiday home are how you use it and how often you go there. If you just use the home for holidays or holiday lets and you don’t visit frequently then it’s likely to be classed as a holiday home. If you have a property which you visit more frequently, say for work or to visit nearby relatives, then it could be considered a second home in insurance terms. Check out our second home insurance page for more information.

My property does not fit into the category of a holiday home, can you still insure me?

If you have a unique case we can go to our underwriting team to assess your individual circumstances and find a policy for you. As mentioned above it may fit into the category of second home insurance but if not we may still be able to find cover that fits, call the team to discuss your circumstances and we will try our best to find you cover.

If something happens to my holiday home what can I do?

We provide £300 towards a flight for you and £300 towards a flight for a family member to travel to the holiday home, plus the necessary incurred costs of temporary accommodation and/or expenses in the event of your holiday home being uninhabitable (up to £400).

What if my holiday home keys are lost or stolen?

We provide cover for replacement locks to external doors of the home, alarm systems and domestic safes fitted in the home if the locks are accidentally lost or stolen. The policy would cover the cost of replacing the lock or locking mechanism, so you know the property is secure again.

Why can't I get standard buildings and contents cover for my unoccupied home?

Most providers will not insure properties which are left unoccupied for more than 30 days at a time, which is why you need to come to a specialist provider.

Can you insure holiday homes in any country?

Our holiday home insurance policy can only cover properties in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Southern Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria.

Do I need additional cover for my second or holiday home when lending it to friends and family?

It depends on the type of property and policy cover you have. For holiday home cover (‘not let’), if you have accidental damage included in your policy, you will be covered for use by friends and family, so long as you are not letting the property for cash reward. If you have second home insurance, you just need to let us know.

If you are planning on renting your property, you can also get extended holiday home insurance for when your property is ‘let’. Speak to one of our friendly advisors to find out more.

Do I still need to carry out property inspections when guests have stayed there?

The requirements of your policy will not change, and as your guests may not be familiar with your property it is worth carrying out an inspection after they have left. Your guests must leave the property in accordance with the unoccupied element of your cover, please refer to your policy documents.

Do you provide holiday home insurance for expats from the UK?

Yes we can provide expat insurance for your property. Get in touch with our team with any questions you may have.

Where can I find more information about monthly Direct Debit?

If you want to know more about our monthly payment option, please read our dedicated page on Direct Debit.

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