Holiday Home Insurance

Keep your home away from home safe against every eventuality with competitively priced holiday home insurance through Mastercover.

Keeping your holiday home safe all year round

Having a holiday home is a modern-day luxury that is becoming more and more common. But when the holiday’s over, you need to make sure that you have the right level of insurance in place, so that everything will be exactly as you left it. As your second home, holiday homes are vulnerable to the same risks as any other property – theft, storms, fires, flooding – so having the right buildings and content insurance in place is absolutely vital.

The main difference between standard home insurance and holiday home insurance is that the standard insurance does not pay out if the property is left unoccupied for more than 30 or 60 days a year, and it does not cover letting out your property for others to stay in. Holiday home insurance is therefore a unique blend of the extensive coverage of standard home insurance and the flexibility of unoccupied property insurance.

What type of holiday home insurance do I need?

If you have a mortgage on your holiday or second home, your mortgage lender will generally require that you have buildings insurance in place. Even if you own the property without a mortgage, it is wise to have buildings insurance in place because it will cover any of the costs (up to a limit determined in your policy documents), should you need to rebuild your home or any outbuildings.

As for contents insurance, this is generally not required by mortgage lenders but it is still a sensible idea to take out a policy in order to protect your personal belongings. Try drawing up an inventory of all of the possessions in your holiday home (including the garden and outbuildings) to get an idea of how much you could stand to lose should something happen to your property. Even if you do decide to take out contents insurance for your holiday home, Mastercover recommends that you do not leave any items of worth in your holiday home when it is left unoccupied.

What am I protected against?

Holiday home insurance policies generally cover the same risks as a standard home insurance policy, with the addition that your home is still protected even when left unoccupied or let out for prolonged periods. Most holiday home insurers cover properties abroad, but restrictions may apply in different countries, so make sure you read all policy documentation carefully.

If you find that standard holiday home insurance does not offer the level of coverage or protection that you need, you can also take out additional cover:

  • Accidental damage for you and your family/tenants
  • Home emergency cover for you and your family/tenants
  • Loss of income should you be unable to let out your property due to extensive damage
  • Alternative accommodation for tenants should they be unable to stay in your property
  • Public liability insurance to cover you in case of injury or death on your property
  • Personal possessions cover to cover items you take out of the property such as phones, laptops and cameras