Taxi Insurance

A taxi is more than just your way of getting people from A to B; it’s also your livelihood. Make sure that you’re insured against accident, collision or theft with a dedicated taxi insurance policy through Mastercover.

Specialist Taxi Insurance policies

Mastercover has fantastic taxi insurance deals for experienced public hire and private hire taxi drivers. Whether you’re looking for public hire taxi insurance or private hire insurance it’s extremely important that you not only get the cheapest insurance cover for your needs, but also you need to ensure that you have the best possible cover. We will search a panel of specialist insurers to ensure that we get you the best cover at the best price.

Public Hire Taxi Insurance

Public hire taxis tend to be newer vehicles than private hire taxis, and the average driver age is older, meaning that public hire taxi insurance is often cheaper than private hire.

MPV or Minibus Insurance

Larger taxis, also known as multi-person vehicles (MPVs) can often fall into a higher insurance bracket than standard taxis.

Private Hire Taxi Insurance

Private taxis need to be booked in advance and they are not allowed to show a ‘Taxi’ sign.